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Agostinetto Nogarole

CHL Import

This is the first in a series of reviews of wines provided by CHL Import of Cheshire for us to sample.

Reviews of Agostinetto’s Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and Toffoli Prosecco di Conegliano can be found here...

These wines are made either exclusively or predominantly from the Prosecco grape variety - apparently not very well known in the UK

First, let me explain that I am by no means a Wine Expert. Nevertheless, my wife and I do enjoy wine with most of our main meals. We prefer red wines with a high alcohol content - a preference which is generally satisfied by Italian wines. White wines are not our usual fare, and Marg is quite dismissive of Champagne - though I have found some which were very much to my taste.

It seems to me that many whites I've tried remind me too much of the poor attempts I made (long ago!) at ''Home Brew" with much too much flavour of Elderflower.Agostinetto Nogarole Spumante Brut

One of the few whites I've tried which did not have this shortcoming was Pinot Grigio and I do have a soft spot for Moscato and Asti Spumante. You can see a pattern emerging?

On to the tasting.

Agostinetto Nogarole D.O.C is a Brut Spumante, 11.5%, and made predominantly from Prosecco, Verdisio and a small quantity of Bianchetta, all from the Agostinetto vineyard.

A tasting panel of eight was assembled. Well, OK, it was a family birthday party. After a little commotion due to a recalcitrant cork there ensued a round of commentary.

To put things into context, the assembled throng were essentially press-ganged into "proper" consideration of the wine and there were a few poor impressions of Jilly Goolden!

Marg, of course, was not enthralled by a dry white wine, but we expected that.

Lynne was initially enthusiastic but was "surprised" by the (presumably) unfamiliar aftertaste. Later, she re-considered and decided the aftertaste was not, after all, unpleasant. Rather, it was "interesting and unusual".

All the others all were quite happy with the wine, though the price was higher than they’d normally pay.

I thought this wine was excellent, and almost exactly what I was hoping for – crisp, smooth, clean and satisfying. The recommendation is to serve at 8ºC, but I suspect that when we sampled it, it was a little cooler, having just emerged from the fridge. That’s the way I prefer my white wine.

Although I have not had extensive experience of fine Champagne, this Prosecco is on a par with those I have tried, and at around £13.00 a bottle, this wine is, in my view, a good buy.

Sandro Melkuhn

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