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A Balanced Diet is Not Just About Food

A Balanced Diet is Not Just About Food

Almost everyone these days is aware of the benefits of healthy eating to improve your lifestyle and boost well being in terms of emotional, physical and mental health. Our health professionals advise us that we should cut down on smoking, drink less alcohol, and not take recreational drugs. The message is broadcast via many media channels, including the Internet, magazines and newspapers, and on television and radio. It might seem quite daunting to change the lifestyle you lead, especially if you have been following the same pattern or routine for most of your life. Truthfully, you can makesmall changes to your dietand your eating habits, and these will have a larger impact on your overall health than you might think.

The Roots of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When we consider the nature of our diet, and the food that we eat, we can generally see a pattern that follows on from our parents or carers. As children we are encouraged or instructed to eat the food that is given to us by the adults that are responsible for our development. We grow up absorbing the knowledge and advice that these adults pass on. Sometimes children can experience quite traumatic events when it comes to food and drink. On some occasions this could lead to a form of rebellion, where the child becomes involved in the culture of drug and alcohol consumption, as they grow older. Once a pattern is established, even when you know it is dangerous or detrimental to your health, it can be very difficult tobreak the habit, or even to acknowledge that you have a problem. When people find themselves falling into the trap of drug and alcohol addiction or abuse, most are able to find help tolocate a rehab treatment centreor other form of professional help. In these places, people can get the help they need to break away from the negative patterns of behaviour that caused them to turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Responsible Alcohol Consumption

While most people are agreed that the intake of recreational drugs is dangerous to your health, and cannot be justified as a viable dietary requirement, the same cannot be said for alcohol consumption. There are lots of conflicting reports from professional, scientific and medical personnel, which tell us of both the benefits and the negative impact of drinking alcohol. This is most frequently associated with drinking wine. We are told that red wine drunk in moderation can actually assist your physical health, because it contains antibodies that are beneficial to your blood cells and your internal immune system. The key word here is moderation, however. If you drink too much alcohol, your body refuses to accept it. Your liver cannot process such large quantities, and as a result you find yourself becoming nauseas, feeling faint, and maybe even collapsing completely as your body shuts down while it attempts to flush out the toxins and heal from the inside out.

Wise Up to Drug Abuse

Many people might point out that drugs are derived from natural plants, and that surely these cannot be bad for your health. To a certain extent this might be true, but unfortunately the majority of drugs taken by people today are modified and infused with chemicals that are downright dangerous and even poisonous to the human body. It is very hard to discern what is hidden within a small pill or powder product, and so in these situations, it would be best to avoid taking the substance altogether. Peer pressure is often difficult to avoid, but you can say no at any time, and in the long term you will be stronger and healthier for it.

If you wish to continue using recreational drugs and drinking alcohol, the best advice is to combine the practice with a healthy food diet. Try to drink lots of fresh water every day, eat fresh vegetables and fruit, and avoid processed foods that are high in fat content and contain artificial flavourings and additives that can cause your body harm. Ideally you should give up drugs completely, and if you cannot do this alone then seek the help that is widely available via your local doctor or health centre. Alcohol is a slightly more tricky addiction to avoid, since it has become a central element to the human social model. If you can cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink, perhaps choose three or four days of the week where you do not drink any alcohol products, and combine this with a more balanced diet of fresh food and home-cooked meals, your body will thank you. Your health will improve, your mental and emotional state will be greatly enhanced, and you will feel ready to take on new challenges, and embrace the life that you want to lead.

Lisa Williams
After graduating in Food and Nutritional Sciences, I began working as a nutritionist before motherhood got in the way. Now I work from home as a freelance writer and cover topics as diverse as the latest in health research, green food production, family nutrition and health, living with conditions and health education


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