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The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn



Traditional / International
North West

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Total Score: 53%
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Ambience: Average
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I had booked with the Ship Inn to have a pub lunch for 24 people on a walk. As promised I rang (couldn't get them until after 11.30am) to say numbers had changed and we only had 17. A few minutes later they rang back and left message on my mailbox to say that they had no chef so couldn't do lunches for that number of people. This left a group of older people with no where to have lunch. We had to walk another 2 miles to find some. I found Ship Inn disappointing as they didn't appear to have made any effort to contact me. 

25 January 2011 
We went today, not for the first time to this place because of it's picturesque surroundings and seemingly very reasonable value food.

Being the only people in the pub we assumed well attended to food wouldn't be too taxing. We ordered four meals. One request to swap chips for mash (fish chips and peas dish) was met with a refusal by the manager-cum-chef on the grounds that it was on special offer. Fair enough maybe, but it wasn't much to ask.

Twenty minutes or so later we got cold plates of cold food. We borrowed salt and condument from the other empty tables as there were none on ours and the shakers were empty. The dozen or so chips on each plate appeared limp reheated leftovers, quite badly burnt and cold. The fish was burnt dry, looked rancid as if it was cooked in old oil, and was just inedible so the dish was sent back.

The chef-cum-manager looked more concerned with nattering to his barside chums and smirked away to them as we complained and asked for a refund for the untouched fish dish. The whole thing was alleviated by the at least warm burgers and pie and the professionally-apologetic veneer of the waiter but not enough to negate this place's terrible managership.


05 January 2011 
We 'dined' here on 30 Oct 2010 in the afternoon. Both food and service were appalling. The place was near empty apart from the bar, but we waited for more than half an hour. A reminder did nothing to speed things up. The food resembled microwave-heated deep frozen ready meal (except for the fresh salad). The chips hadn't even been thoroughly fried. We complained to both waitress and supervisor but received no apology. Instead, the supervisor even followed us outside when we left accusing us of picking on the waitress because she was 'a woman and so weak'. Pathetic. 

31 October 2010 
There were a party of 7 of us visited for lunch on Wednesday 3rd March.
They got 3 orders completely wrong. I ordered a BBQ chicken and cheese baguette, that had 2 small pieces of processed chicken with tasteless cheese. The chips were hard and vastly unerdone frozen chips.
Will never visit this premises again.
The car park is also in very poor condition with many very deep potholes.

05 March 2010 
The page describing the Ship Inn must be out of date as the menu is from a pub chain and NO HOMEMADE FOOD is on offer !! the food we had was prepared by a cook not a chef and was served luke warm ! Very disappointed in both the service and food quality, will not return in a hurry ! 

09 March 2009 
I found the food and service to be well below average.

In addition I would advise all customers to be very careful when parking as the car park is a designated tow zone and one very annoying local spends his time phoning the clamping people with car registration numbers.

Very sad 

03 February 2009 

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