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Stein's Fish and Chip Shop

Stein's Fish and Chip Shop

South Quay


Traditional / International
South West

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Total Score: 89%
Quality: Exceptional
Service: Exceptional
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Above Average
Value: Exceptional 

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Customer Comments

This was the best fish & chips I've had in a very long time - and was more than happy to pay nearly 10 a head - so why did they have to charge 35p for a sachet of ketchup. Left us with a very sour taste and this corporate greed ruined an otherwise enjoyable experience.  

12 September 2011 
After hearing all the great reviews decided to venture to Rick Stein's Fish and chip shop (1st August 2011) with my wife and son. After queing for nearly an hour and paying through the nose for fish and chips I was hugely dissapointed.
- There was skin left on the fish.
- soggy batter.
- fish was not throughly boned out.
- The flavour was average.

I wish I'd gone into Padstow which I later did and at half the price you can get a lot better quality. Avoid at all costs. Rick, I suggest you pay a surprise visit to your restaurant. 

05 August 2011 
Had lunch at F&C shop on 1st May. Cod and chips very good and excellant value (20% cheaper than my local pub!!). It's a fish and chip shop not a fine diner and can get crowded with staff working under pressure. The only improvement I would suggest is that the staff should smile a bit more. They manage it at Macdonalds. 

03 May 2011 
Went to Rick Stein's chippy in Falmouth. Had haddock and chips (for two).
It was rubbish. The chips ** edited - appeared to me to be ** of the frozen variety! and the fish overcooked and dry. There were about 8 guys in the kitchen, mostly doing sod all ** edited **. I left most of the chips and managed to swallow the fish with the help of much liquid. I complained (by email) and was given the opportunity to sample the same thing again, for free! I declined.

A few nights previously, we had F&C in 'The Gourmet Fish and Chips' restaurant on St.Ives sea front. The guy (only cook on) had just been cooking 50 portions for a special order, yet still maintained excellent produce, with homemade sauce tartare. 

22 April 2011 
We visited Rick Steins Fish & Chips takeaway 2nd July 10 and were sorely disappointed. Hard, dry chips not particulary good quality cod and expensive, which would be ok if the quality was good. Rick Stein needs to visit the Magpie Cafe in Whitby to see how its really done. 

05 July 2010 
To be very honest we feel absolutely cheated - 80 odd pounds for three adults and three children eating mediocre fish and chips out of card board boxes served by miserable waitresses whilst others in the queue outside peer in through the windows(no pressure) Squid and chips at 12.20 was truly appalling - over cooked, dry and rubbery!! Sorry we dont usually moan but feel that the use of Rick Steins name and fame for the serving of poor quality food at such an exorbitant price is just a !  

31 October 2009 
Very disappointed in the quality :-(

I suggest Mr.Stein takes a trip to Yorkshire to sample some of the better fish and chips the UK has to offer.

My complaints are as follows:

- skin left on the fish.
- soggy batter.
- fish was not throughly boned out.
- overall flavour was average.

Give me fish and chips in the North any day! 

19 August 2009 
Bought take away fish & chips from Rick Stein's on the evening of the 26th May 2009.

Not impressed. 75+ spent (3 families) even children commented on the fact that the food was average. Undercooked chips. Trying to cater for too many people and service suffering as a result.

It was difficult due to the presentation to actually put salt & vinegar on the food. Why can the staff not do this before the food is boxed up as to try and flavour the food on a small counter with boxes stacked up and a massive que behind you is quite difficult.

As a suggestion, a few seats/benches outside would not go a miss as there is absolutely nowhere to sit down. Children cannot eat while walking around.

On the whole, not a patch on Becks fish & chips on the road into St Ives, these are 1st class.



27 May 2009 
Rick Stein's fish and chips were recommended to us, but, sorry, we've tasted better at home! The batter was soggy and the chips were tasteless! Would never bother again - a very expensive lesson. 

26 May 2009 
In searching to find a contact the Steins fish & chips in Padstow, I came across this glowing review of Stein's fish & chips which I agree was excellent, but then it was by far the most I have paid for fish & chips. However what did leave a bitter taste was the cost of a can of coca cola of 1.25 wholesale price approx 25p, it's only a small issue but enough for me to by-pass place on my many trips to padstow  

23 July 2008 
Having arrived in Padstow my girl and i decided to have fish and chips for dinner. We headed to Rick Stein's Fish and chip shop.

Expecting the best (Rick being the fish guy and all), i was very disappointed to have what was basically your bog standard fish and chips.

There was nothing special about this meal except the price tag, 26.00. The cod was dry the chips were soggy, the scallops were average, there was nothing here to warrant the price apart from the name above the door.

My advice, stick to any of the local chippys unless you enjoy paying throught the nose for nothing particually special.

PS, the staff, not just the staff that don't speak english but all of them are rude. No smiling faces here! 

03 June 2008 

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