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60 Hope Street

60 Hope Street

L1 9BZ
L1 9BZ
Tel: 0151 707 6060

Monday 12th May 2003

Marg and I have been waiting for an excuse to dine here ever since it was recommended to us by one of Marg's colleagues.

Today, we both took a day off work to ferry our daughter and her friend to the airport, so we were in town with some spare time. We decided to try for lunch at 60 Hope Street.

It was a lovely day - sunny but blustery, so having parked at the Albert Dock and walked through town, past China town to the street linking the two Liverpool Cathedrals, we (well I) had developed an appetite.

A cursory glance at the menu outside, then we entered. No trouble finding a table - and we were asked if we wanted the cafe or restaurant. I hadn't been aware they had a cafe as well!

Inside was open and bright, two or three tables had diners seated, and a few more were to pass through during our lunch. Being a Monday lunchtime, I have no idea whether the level of business was normal or not. Toilets, upstairs, were clean and modern. Cafe is (I believe) downstairs, and there is a further dining room upstairs as well.

Lunch menu is not too far removed from the dinner menu, and had a selection of starters including Roast Tomato and Mozzarella soup, Thai Fish Cakes and Goat's Cheese Bruschetta.

Main Course options included Roast Goosnargh Chicken, Minute Steak and Salmon.

We were asked for our drinks order: Fresh Orange and a pint of Carlsberg. Fresh bread (good) was soon offered, and the table had a choice of butter and a small dish of rather nicely flavoured olive oil.

First disapointment was that the orange was not "freshly squeezed", but I reckon that's a common failing in this country.

Marg's Thai Fish Cakes were surprisingly lacking in any Thai influence. Nothing wrong with them, just not very interesting. My Goat's Cheese Bruschetta, however, was spot on. The cheese was flavoursome without being onerous, slightly warm, and served on a good bread. Peppers, Courgettes and Aubergines complemented the Rocket and Oil dressing.

Marg ordered a glass of the house red - the Shiraz which was presented was very acceptable.

Marg's Grilled Minute Steak arrived and was too rare. She had not been asked how it was to be cooked, and we both assumed that "minute" meant "thin - can't possibly be bloody". When it arrived, it was a substantial steak, properly charred, but it was plain that being so thick it would be so "underdone" that Marg couldn't eat it, so I put on my brave face and offered to swap for my dish of Roast Goosnargh Chicken!. Of course, the steak was just nice for me, and I couldn't watch as a perfectly cooked steak went back to the incinerator to be done to Marg's requirements!. Taragon butter a nice touch.

The Chicken was moist but not too well flavoured. I suppose I may have been expecting too much from the reputation of fowl from the famous town of Goosnargh. The mashed potatoes with chives and a Madeira sauce were lovely.

Finish with coffee, served with hot milk, and quite acceptable.

All in all, we had a very enjoyable meal, and would be pleased to return.

33:00 (35.00 with tip) represents pretty good value.



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60 Hope Street

Total Score: 81%
Quality: Good
Service: Good
Facilities: Above Average
Ambience: Above Average
Value: Good


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