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Bamboo, (Oriental European) Cafe Restaurant

Church St.
Tel: 01625 522211

Lunchtime (12:00 - 7:00) menu consisted of selection from:

Udon noodles with crispy Asian greens in garlic and black bean butter
*  Steamed hot 'n sour prawn and pork dumplings
*  Hand-crafted fishcakes flavoured with lemon grass, and a sweet chilli dip
*  Spring rolls filled with a teryaki marinated salmon with a citrus chutney
*  Peanut and rice pakoras drizzled with lime and coriander vinaigrette
*  Steamed mussels in a light madras and mango cream
*  Honey roast pork brochette with a lime dressing
*  Potato and vegetable hot pot seasoned with cardamom and cumin
*  Deep fried vegetable dumplings with a trio of dips
*  Warm chicken salad in a spiced jungle curry

We started with a 2 pint pitcher of Kronenbourg between the three of us.

The menu offers a banquet for 1 - any three items 6, or banquet for 2 - any five items 5. (In other words 2 per item!)

We didn't try the Udon noodles, hot 'n sour dumplings, pork brochette or chicken.

Of the rest, we all agreed that "they had all the right tastes" - the presentation was good, and the staff friendly and efficient. In particular, the fishcakes, spring rolls and hot pot attracted positive comment.

Another 2 pint pitcher.

When we were asked if we would like dessert, we asked to see the menu. We were presented with a menu we hadn't seen - apparently the lunchtime menu is deliberately limited because people want to eat relatively lightly and quickly. The choice on the dinner was rather more extensive, and the desserts were tempting but "heavy". I opted for the Mango and Pistachio Kulfi, but Phil could not resist the sticky toffee bananas. Dave decided on another course from the lunch menu, and had the peanut and rice pakoras!

Phil had another half of Kronenbourg - Dave and I had Jasmine Tea.

Bamboo is fairly new, but is already expanding to Oxton (Wirral), Chorlton (Manchester June 2000) and Heswall (Chester July 2000)

36.95 in total.

Verdict: Very good. An unusual blend of oriental and European influences. I can't wait to try the dinner menu.


Sandro (and Phil and Dave)


I had the prawn dumplings, and damn fine they were too!


After such a pleasant experience that lunchtime, I suggested to my family that we would go for Sunday lunch. I rang to check that Bamboo was open and that the same midweek lunch menu was available. They confirmed both (Sunday opening is 12:00 to 22:00).

So I turned up with Sue and the children, to be turned away at the door. Bamboo is licensed as a bar and does not allow children under 16 in.

Dave Wardell

Stop Press.

Bamboo is now closed at lunchtimes (at least in the week, I do not know about Sunday Lunch




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Ambience: Average
Value: Average

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