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Juniper Restaurant
21, The Downs
WA14 2QD
Tel.: 0161 929 4008
Fax.: 0161 929 4009


Thursday 13th September 2001

Phil and I need to discuss business, so we decide to take lunch in Altrincham. Last time we were there, we were frustrated to find Juniper closed for holidays. This time, we were not disappointed.

The decor is neat and cool, and subdued jazz was playing. The staff were courteous, friendly and efficient, and we took a glass of Stella each while we perused the menu.

We were both intrigued and impressed with the a la carte, but we didn't have much time so opted for the lunch menu.

The lunch menu was just as impressive!

We went through a portion of rather nice breads while we deliberated, and were offered a refill.

Phil started with Haggis on Porridge, I selected the cream of Celeriac soup with Girolles and Scallop. For the main course, we both selected the Mignons of Fillet with Oyster and Quail Egg.

The presentation of the dishes was very artistic, and did nothing to disguise the modesty of the portion. I was a little surprised by this, but not disappointed - I quite often find that I leave most of the larger portions presented to me. I don't often go to a restaurant like this because I'm hungry - I go to sample new and special experiences.

My soup was flavoursome, and extremely light in texture having been whipped up to a froth. The Girolles and Scallop were excellent. Phil's haggis was also devoured with relish.

The Fillets were presented with a balsamic and basil leaf dressing, and were cooked to pink perfection. They were tender and tasty, and the accompanying Oyster, Quail egg and Shallot were perfect counterpoints. The Sweetcorn could not have come from a tin - it was too crisp and juicy.

We decided against a dessert and finished with another beer for Phil, and Coffee and Petit Four for me. The coffee - a large cafetiere, was acceptable - the cream helped, and the chocolate truffles were excellent - praise indeed because I'm not normally a chocolate fan.

A couple on a table near us were presented with a dish of half a dozen small variously coloured glasses - I couldn't resist asking what they were, and was told they were variously flavoured milks and granitas, and "Go on, try them!".

We did! Each of us found most of them to our taste, and we agreed that it was a rather nice end to a particularly enjoyable meal - all we had to do then was pay the bill, and rush back while trying to think of good excuses for being late yet again.

Neither of us can remember having such a well executed meal in a long time. When coupled with the reasonable cost (2-course lunch 14.00, 3-course 18.00), we were well pleased. Phil was only disappointed that we didn't have an opportunity to explore the wine list!

Verdict: Very highly recommended.

Sandro and Phil


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Total Score: 88%
Quality: Exceptional
Service: Exceptional
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Above Average
Value: Exceptional


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