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The Seafood Restaurant

Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant

The Seafood Restaurant
Padstow, Cornwall.
PL28 8BY

Tel.: 01841 532700

Wednesday 13th September 2006

This was our second "proper" outing in our new motorhome. A tour of Devon and Cornwall, we decided, would be incomplete without a visit to Padstow, and Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant.

When we drove into Padstow, it was immediately apparent that our sizeable vehicle had no place in such a small place, so we retired to a nearby site and walked back into town.

The received wisdom was that we'd be lucky to get a table without advance booking, and this turned out to be true - to a point. Although there was no chance of a table that day, we reserved a table for two for the following lunchtime.

That evening, however, we would have to suffer a "lowly" Fish Supper at Stein's Fish and Chips.

It was interesting to note that Rick Stein has a number of enterprises in Padstow: The Seafood Restaurant, St. Petrocs Hotel Bistro, Rick Stein's Cafe, Padstow Seafood School and St Edmunds House Hotel, A delicatessen, A Patisserie. Probably even more by now!

The next day, we arrived and were escorted to the conservatory for pre-lunch drinks: a very agreeable table overlooking the quay. The restaurant was quite busy, with a mix comprising obviously local folk, and obvious tourists (like us!)

We were made very welcome, and were soon escorted into the dining room - a bright and airy place with some, er, "interesting" paintings. Across from us was a group of about ten young men, and the rest of the diners were couples. There was a very pleasant "buzz" to the place, so we were looking forward to our meal.

The day's "Tasting Menu", at 65, was extremely tempting, but there were options on the main menu which were missing from the taster, and which I couldn't miss.

The service was exceptional - attentive without being intrusive, knowledgeable and agreeable. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming - we felt very much at ease.

I started with Mackerel Recheado: Mackerel stuffed with a Ginger and Chilli Masala, served with a Coriander, Tomato and Onion salad.

Marg had the Char-grilled Dover Sole while I opted for the Turbot. And a bottle of the same Muscadet S&M s/l that we'd enjoyed the evening before at Stein's Chippy.

We both agreed that everything about the meal was exceptional - I even had to comment to the waitress that the potatoes - small new potatoes - were exquisite: so much so that they almost eclipsed the fantastic fish.

Verdict: Phenomenal. One expects excellence from one of the country's most celebrated personality chefs and I have to say Stein's Seafood Restaurant delivered. At around 150, it's not something we could do every week, but we didn't feel that the evening was expensive - it was exceptional value.

Sandro & Marg


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The Seafood Restaurant

Total Score: 94%
Quality: Exceptional
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Facilities: Above Average
Ambience: Above Average
Value: Exceptional


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