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The Mulberry Tree

The Mulberry Tree


9, Wrightington Bar
Nr. Wigan


01257 451400

Sat. 4th October 2009




A short distance from M6 junction 27 (Standish) in semi-rural setting on the corner of a crossroad


Modern light and airy - sparse?. A large screen TV on wall in the bar was showing Sky news, without sound - just about acceptable in the bar section we were in. The Restaurant section (white tablecloths &c.) was not so equipped (as far as I could tell).


It wasn't very busy when we dined - we always seem to be out of step with "normal" folk, though there were a couple of tables occupied when we came in. The staff, therefore, weren't being over-run. Nevertheless, they were all attentive and pleasant.


The Mulberry Tree is divided ito a bar area at the front, with tall stools at the bar, and dining tables. The Rear is set out as a restaurant.
There doesn't appear to be any separate lounging area: we were asked to select any table which didn't have a "reserved" placard (there were lots of reserved tables). I soon discovered that the selected table was in the direct path of a draught from the open door. We indicated that we were going to select another table, and the offer to close the door was made immediately. We declined, and selected another table - probably the one we should have picked from the outset - but with three people all wanting different things... I ordered a pint of "Flowers" bitter, the girls a G&T and Coke respectively (Marg, dutifully, had offered to drive)

Food Menu

As we had arrived late for Lunch, but early for Dinner, I decided to take my time over the menu. Just as well, because there was a very tempting array: so difficult to make one's mind up. Their publicity makes mention of the several awards they've earned, including the "Northwest Dining Pub of the Year" from Les Routiers.

Drinks Menu

I did notice that they had a couple of good draught beers on, as well as the array of lagers, and a rather good selection of Cognacs. The wine menu, in my not-so-expert view, had a rather more impressive selection of Whites than RedRight, let's start with the Starters! My daughter, Kathryn, and I both chose the "Black pudding on an English muffin, crispy pancetta, soft poached egg, hollandaise sauce & seasonal leaves". Black pudding on an English muffin, crispy pancetta, soft poached egg, hollandaise sauce & seasonal leavesMy wife, Marg, selected the "Chicken liver & foie gras parfait with pear compote & toasted brioche". These were stunningly good. There just wasn't any way one could have improved them. Sad to say, though, I could tell that I had probably bitten off more than I could chew: the portions were ample, and I was beginning to realise that I would have trouble doing the main course justice. Marg and Kathryn both went for the "Steamed steak, ale & mushroom pudding, hand cut chips & seasonal vegetables ", while I picked the "Rack of New Season Lamb". The girls were very pleased with their dishes - indeed so was I after I'd sampled them! Marg didn't try my lamb, as it is not her favourite meat, and this was compounded with it being slightly on the rare side of the medium rare I'd asked for, and Marg does not like blood. Kathryn, on the other hand, thought it was delicious. I was quite happy with the lamb, but have to say I found the jus accompanying it slightly too strongly flavoured. Personal taste, and no criticism intended. Another round of drinks during the meal, after which we were all quite sure we could not manage a dessert, even though they were extremely enticing. I couldn't even muster support for sharing just one between the three of us. Coffees, accompanied by scrummy, presumably home-made, chocolates, finished off the meal very nicely.


Very good. attentive without being intrusive.


In my opinion, nicer when people started arriving, just as we were coming to the end of our meal. When there were few people in, the (slight) noise of the ventilation was, to me, noticeable. When the restaurant started to fill up, there was a pleasant "buzz" and it became evident that the place has a good local following.


The Mulberry Tree has a large car park. The toilets were exemplary. They also offer a take-away service, with considerable reductions in price for the food, and for any house wine ordered.


This is where it gets interesting. The 2-course bar-meal menu offer (not after 7pm on Saturdays) is just 11.50! If I remember correctly, my choice of Lamb added 3 to the bill, but even with drinks, the total was just 65 for the three of us. This represents excellent value for money, given the surroundings, service and quality of food.


I've been before, and "I'll be back!"


See bar at right.


Sandro & Marg


Eatanddrink Ratings

The Mulberry Tree

Total Score: 79%
Quality: Good
Service: Good
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Average
Value: Good


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