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Bon-O-Phool Indian (Bengali) Restaurant

Bon-O-Phool Indian (Bengali) Restaurant
Antrobus Street
Tel: 01260 274488

A relative newcomer in Congleton, although it has been there a while, I just haven't got round to visiting it until now. It is located at the bottom of Antrobus Street, directly opposite a former old favourite, the Al- Amin .

Bon-O-Phool has its own private car park at the front of the restaurant, which is very convenient as it avoids the nearby street parking. The restaurant itself is fairly smart and modern. The striking feature being the lush personalised carpets throughout the building and even upstairs to the toilets! Something that struck us as decidedly odd was the artificial neo-classical pillars that had been position along the length of the restaurant. They seemed to contrast somewhat with the wooded beamed ceiling, giving rise to an image of ancient Greece meets Stratford-on-Avon.

We settled down to a table in the far corner, surrounded by a good turnout of fellow early evening diners. This is a reasonably large restaurant and so although well occupied it was far from near its capacity.

We ordered drinks, I had Carlsberg lager, and my two companions had orange juice and lemonade respectively. We chose from a typical menu of starter, chef's specials, balti dishes and the usual standard curries. I chose the mixed starter which consists of a samosa, chicken chat, onion bhaji, chicken tikka and side salad. My two companions both ordered sheek kebabs. For main course we chose chicken dhansak and chicken tikka massala with pillau rice and nan breads.

While we pondered the menu we were presented with complimentary poppadoms and chutneys.

The starters were very acceptable. The samosa and bhaji were on the economical side but quite tasty. I would describe them as cocktail size. The chicken tikka was very tasty and the chicken chat was a good accompaniment. I also enjoyed the side salad, which was dressed with a fennel flavoured dressing, which added to the originality.

The sheek kebabs were both declared to be fine examples by the two-sheek kebab connoisseurs.

The main courses consisted of a fairly luminous red chicken tikka massala and a rather thin sauced dhansak. The rice was very good and the nans were large, fresh and soft. The chicken content of the curries was good. It was fresh and moist and beautifully tender. The sauce on the tikka massala was typical rather than anything else. The flavour was also good but nothing outstanding. The dhandsak sauce was a too thin for my personal taste, although it had a nice spicy flavour. The sauce was interspersed with split lentils which added to the interest.

We had another round of drinks.

The bill came to just over 35 which we considered a little more than moderate as we only had two main courses.

Overall an enjoyable visit and reasonably good food. A typical, run of the mill Indian restaurant in better than average surroundings. Service was polite and efficient. A tentative recommendation.

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Total Score: 59%
Quality: Average
Service: Good
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Average
Value: Average

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