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The Ganges Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

12 Bradwell Road
CW11 9AB
Tel: 01270 759159 / 759211
Web Site:

The restaurant is located next door to the established takeaway business and was opened on 20/12/99.

The interior of the restaurant is pristine and modern and still slightly unfinished, (but it will be sorted out over the following few days as it was apparently a rush to get the restaurant open in time for Christmas).

This review was done on the evening of the opening. I ate with Dave Pickles, one of our local restaurant reviewers as we had both been invited to the opening night.

Whilst we studied the impressive menu, we ate poppadom and chutneys. Particularly notable was the onion and tomato chutney, finely sliced and very fresh, and also the yoghurt sauce, which every restaurant seems to have a unique variation, but the Ganges have a mellow yellow, slightly spicy and very delicious variation.

For starters we ordered stuffed peppers and mixed kebabs. For main courses we ordered the harially chicken and the Ganges special curry with plain and pershwari naan and pillau rice.

The stuffed pepper was presented with a neat side salad. The pepper had been stuffed with shredded chicken tikka meat and roasted in the tandoor oven until perfectly scorched and tender. The mixed kebabs were the usual mix of succulent pieces of lamb and chicken tikka, a sheek kebab and side salad. I covered my kebab starter with copious amounts of the extraordinarily good yoghurt sauce. The spices from the tikka marinade mix with the sauce to form another variation of the sauce, which is spicy rather than cooling. Just how I like it. My colleague, Dave, also reported that the stuffed pepper was exceptional and thoroughly recommended.

The Ganges special is a whole chicken breast stuffed with spiced minced lamb and cooked in a delicious curry sauce. The harially chicken is chicken tikka cooked with ground spinach in a curry sauce with extra garlic and ginger added. We decided to share the main courses with the pillau rice and naan breads. The Ganges special was most unusual, with the chicken, minced lamb and sauce combining to provide a mixture of flavours that were individually discernable, yet forming a beautiful spicy combination. The harially chicken contained beautiful, succulent pieces of chicken tikka breast meat in a slightly more pungent sauce coloured and flavoured with ground spinach, garlic and ginger.

The main course dishes were wonderfully complimented by the aromatic pillau rice and the fresh hot naan breads straight from the tandoor oven.

We refreshed ourselves with Kingfisher lager rather than wine from the remarkably good wine list. It is very rare in an Indian restaurant to see a good wine list, but the Ganges has gone to some effort to accommodate the more discerning diner, with a choice of red and white wines including Nuits St George, Cotes de Beaune, decent Chardonnays and French Chablis. (I wish I had kept a copy of the wine list, I will endeavour to update this when I return).

Overall - This is the best Indian restaurant in the area. I cannot fault it for decor, ambience or quality of food. It has only just opened, but it will surely become the preferred place to eat Indian food as its reputation spreads. I will be back time and time again

Phil Bradley

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The Ganges

Total Score: 68%
Quality: Good
Service: Good
Facilities: Above Average
Ambience: Average
Value: Average


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