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The Hilal

90 Wilmslow Road
SK 9 3ES
01625 524942

The Hilal occupies an impressive corner spot on the junction of Wilmslow Road and Station Road in Handforth. It stands back from the road and has its own limited car parking space. It is housed in a modern building that has been tastefully decorated internally and externally. Upon entering it looks every bit the part with large bar and extensive seating capacity.

The Hilal in Handforth is the sister restaurant of the Hilal in Timperley (near Altrincham). It is well known and has an impressive reputation locally. However it is expensive (as Indian restaurants go) and been superceded in terms of food quality by numerous newcomers in this part of Cheshire over the last few years. It surroundings, service and ambience are, though, undoubtably first class and it is this which you are paying for.

The menu is quite extensive but contains nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Most people would feel on safe ground here. The waiters are keen and efficient and the food is presented promptly and appears freshly prepared. Portions are adequate but despite the prices charged (most main meals start at between 6 and 7+ each) there is nothing about the quality of the food that makes it stand out as exceptional. Side orders such as nan breads and rice are fresh and hot, the rice is plentiful.

There do not appear to be any special incentives to dine such as buffet sessions, I expect it is too popular to have to entice people in. The restaurant is open at lunchtimes and to the best of my knowledge a lunchtime special menu was available. On the occasion we visited at lunchtime our party decided to dine a la carte.

Verdict - A busy and popular upmarket suburban Indian restaurant. Food on the pricey side but decor and ambience is in keeping with the upmarket image. Better value (for money) to be had (in most decent restaurants) for food quality, but if nice surroundings, good service and nice decor are equally as important to you, then it is worth a visit.


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Hilal Restaurant

Total Score: 62%
Quality: Average
Service: Good
Facilities: Average
Ambience: Average
Value: Average


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